Gift Memberships

Anyone can make a gift of membership to another person. Our online system will do the following:

1. Send a welcome email to the email address used in the application almost immediately.

2. Send a membership card to the mailing address used in the application in typically 7-10 days’ time.

If you wish to have everything sent to yourself for your presentation to the recipient at a time to suit you – use your email and your address but their name and allow up to 14 days for the arrival of the recipient’s membership card with you. If you wish to, once you have presented the gift, you can sign in to our system and change the details to those of the recipient.


If you wish to have everything sent to the recipient – use their name, their email and their address. Note that with this method, the recipient will receive a welcome email almost immediately. You also have no control of the timing of arrival of the membership card at their address, which is typically up to 14 days after application.

** Please Note **

You can use the same email address for multiple gifts. In all cases allow three to four weeks in advance for the process to complete in order to be sure of being able to time your gift correctly. Whilst in most cases the process will complete within 10 days, the Association cannot guarantee this.

When you’ve decided which method to use, follow this link to Join the person you wish to receive the gift using the green JOIN button at the bottom of the web page:

Memberships are for 12 months from the date of application. As the expiry date approaches, depending on whether you have used Method A or method B above, you or the recipient will receive email reminders that expiry is approaching and will be offered the opportunity to renew.

If you are unable to complete your gift online, please contact our membership Secretary using the email address.