No. 14 Captain Howey

No. 14 Captain Howey

Such was the success of No. 12, that the RH&DR ordered a second and almost identical locomotive five years later.

Delivered in 1989 this locomotive ran without nameplates and was known as ‘Number 14’, but from 16th June 2001 that all changed when she received the name ‘Captain Howey’ after the founder of the RH&DR.

Although some people may be surprised that the name of the founding father of the railway has been given to a diesel locomotive rather than a steam engine, it should be remembered that Howey built the railway as a miniature version of a modern mainline.

He was also responsible for many experiments with different forms of motive power on the railway and converted his Rolls Royce into a passenger locomotive which he then proceeded to drive at alarming speeds across the Marsh.

No. 14 Captain HoweyOriginally delivered in Union Pacific yellow and grey, ‘Number 14’ was repainted into the blue and cream livery of Eastbourne Buses in 1993 to celebrate their 90th anniversary. The loco received a royal blue and silver livery in time for the Millennium and for her naming ceremony.

‘Captain Howey’ was often to be seen hauling the school train during term-time and is also used for other passenger duties throughout the operating season.

No. 14 Captain Howey undergoing overhaul

She was taken out of service in 2018 to receive a major overhaul. Having been dismantled, the locomotive is now in storage.

No. 14 Captain Howey

Technical Details

BO-BO, 112bhp, 6-cylinder mainline diesel locomotive.
Designed by RH&DR.
Built by TMA Engineering in 1989
Engine: Perkins 6 cylinder Diesel
Power rating: 112hp
Overall length: 20′
Bogie wheel diameter: 18″
Drive: Twin disc gearbox and torque converter to prop shaft driven worm boxes on each axle
Current Livery: Blue and Silver

No. 14 Captain Howey No. 14 Captain Howey No. 14 Captain Howey No. 14 Captain Howey

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