Heritage Archive

The Education and Heritage Portfolio Group are custodians of a large archive of photographs.  We will be changing the content of this page periodically to share some of the large store of archive material held by the Association.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the delivery of the CPR locomotives No. 9 ‘Doctor Syn’ (now named ‘Winston Churchill’) and No. 10 ‘Black Prince’ (now named ‘Doctor Syn’).  This page shows a selection of photographs of these locomotives through the years.

No. 9 ‘Doctor Syn’ on the original turntable at New Romney in 1931
No. 9 ‘Doctor Syn’ with a train of 4 wheelers at Hythe in the 1930s
The renaming of No. 9 from ‘Doctor Syn’ to ‘Winton Churchill’
No. 9 ‘Winston Churchill’ at Hythe in the 1950s
No. 10 ‘Black Prince’ on delivery to Hythe on 18 05 1931
No. 10 with Jumbo Goddard
No. 10 ‘Doctor Syn’ at Hythe July 1988